Maralee Mamone Sivis

Childhood friend and employee of Shee's


Maralee is a childhood friend of Shee’s. After attending the same Zilargo primary school in their youth the two gnomes maintained a friendship despite Shee’s acceptance into the cloistered but prestigious Academiae Apparatus and the restriction of their acquaintance for several years. Maralee spent that time managing and experimenting at one of her families mines. On her infrequent visits to the academy Maralee would often embarrass her friend with a feckless airheadedness that seemed to have become exaggerated with her time at the mine.

Since their tumultuous separation from the greater Silargo society Maralee has stuck with Shee out of fondness, love and a strong feeling of indebtedness.

Maralee Mamone Sivis

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